Outfit: wide brim hat, Softwaves brogues

Outfit: wide brim hat, Softwaves brogues
Outfit: wide brim hat, Softwaves brogues
Outfit: wide brim hat, Softwaves brogues
Outfit: wide brim hat, vintage suede skirt
Outfit: wide brim hat, Softwaves brogues
 wide brim hat: H&M - leather jacket: Henley's - suede mini skirt: vintage - Tshirt: Uniqlo - scarf, cross body bag: Mango - brogues: c/o Softwaves - lipstick: Urban Decay Tilt

Two weeks ago, when the temperatures truly dropped for the first time, my sister and I got together for falafel (Falafeltof in Antwerp, major recommendation!), a bit of shopping, and some outfit pictures. I wore something comfortable and cool - a bit too cool if you know what I mean. It's currently definitely too cold to get away with wearing a leather jacket over t-shirt, and nothing else sweater or cardi-wise. We were both freezing our asses off, basically, so much so that my sister bought a new winter coat. Nothing to get you in a buying mode like that first pang of winter cold.

I may have been unprepared for the chill, but my footwear game was on point. I was wearing this new pair of Softwaves brogues that I love so much. The mix of materials gives these a bit of statement factor, while the soles are as cushy and bouncy as ever, perfect for problem feet like mine. I'm still wearing them in a bit, but that's nothing a pair of socks can't handle.

Usually when my colleagues ask me what I've got planned for the weekend I sort of shrug and say something like "uhm groceries and netflix" but this weekend, I'm not as much of a dullard - yesterday me and my closest girlfriends got crazy at the Chippendales show in the Capitole in Ghent, and tomorrow, my boyfriend and I are taking the Thalys to Paris! Not for a romantic getaway, but for a day at Comic-Con, where we will be viewing Marvel's Dr. Strange in avant-première. My boyfriend has been super excited for the movie for months now, so the invite couldn't have been welcomed more enthusiastically. Keep an eye on my social media to see me bum around Comic-Con Paris! Also the very first time I will be visiting Paris btw. I know, crazy.

Have a lovely weekend!


Giveaway: L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime 3 step cleansing routine

Time to give something back to my lovely readers! Today I'm reviewing 3 skin renewing, cleansing products of the L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime line, and also inviting you to take part in my giveaway. Three lucky ducklings will get a set of these three products delivered to their doorstep, so keep reading for my thoughts on Pivoine Sublime, and to find out how you can win some for yourself.


Beauty: H&M metallic Dazzle Lip Topper

Beauty: H&M metallic Dazzle Lip Topper review

I've told you about my metallic lip obsession before when I reviewed the Milani Amore Mattalics. When I develop a crush on a new type of product, it can be difficult not to just want to buy one in every available shade. I mean, I hadn't even THOUGHT about metallic lipsticks before the trend started gaining traction, and here I found myself lusting after options from Jouer (Papaye) or Limecrime (Blondie). Not exactly a wallet friendly way to go about things, especially considering that metallic lipstick is a trend, not a new classic. 

You know what IS the perfect way to add some metallic sheen to your lipcolour collection? Lip toppers! I had my eye on the Notoriously Morbid Changeling topcoats for a while (definitely worth checking out), but I prefer being able to swatch lip beauty products before I buy them so I never took the plunge. When I spotted the Dazzle Lip Toppers at the H&M beauty counters, however, I was SIKED! I ended up taking home two tubes, Glisten Up and To Boldly Glow. Let's take a closer look.


Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

Everyone knows Halloween is pretty much my favourite holiday - I'm a horror buff, and who doesn't love a good chance to pull out all of the less wearable shit in your closet and MAKE IT WORK? 

Over the years I've shared some Halloween costumes and decorations with you guys, and while I skipped Halloween last year, I'm already planning this year's party with my girlfriends. The theme is "slutty", btw. I mean, you can't get more meta than being a feminist aware of the bullshit surrounding Halloween costumes always having to be sexy for women, and then actually throwing a slutty Halloween party, right? 

I already know what I'm going to dress up as (not telling you yet!), but in case you're still in need of inspiration, here are some easy (and cheap) Halloween costume ideas:

Halloween: inspiration + giveaway

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